Traditional Felt Roofing Explained:

Many flat roofs were covered with standard felts throughout the 1970s and 1980s due to a high increase of new build extensions and dwellings with flat roof garages etc. A typical felt roof construction would consist of 3 layers of standard felt (usually a 3B type) and a standard mineral felt to the perimeter edges (usually a 1E type). The majority of these roofs were covered with limestone chippings to protect the felt against Ultra Violet Light. A typical guarantee for these flat roof constructions would have been in the region of 4 years and the life expectancy of a standard felt roof was in region of 10 years.

What is High Performance Felt?

High Performance Felt is a waterproofing membrane constructed from modified bitumen and high tensile polyester or fibreglass strengthening layers. High Performance Felt Roofing membranes are very flexible making them very difficult to tear. Roofing Felt has been vastly developed over the years and has become very reliable making it an ideal choice for your next flat roofing project.

Debotec Torch Applied High Performance Felt Range.

Futura Roof Ltd have been approved installers for the Debotec High Performance Felt range since 1993 and have a long standing working relationship with the felt manufacturers. We have carried out thousands of square metres of Flat Roof Installations throughout Nottinghamshire and the East Midlands for domestic and commercial clients over the past 25 years. We always work to the manufacturers specifications and our statutory requirements and we are proud to state that all our High Performance Felt roofing installations are far outlasting their guarantee period, to date we have never had a system failure!

Features & Benefits

  • Modified Bitumen     =    Very Durable.
  • High Tensile             =    Very Strong & Maintenance Free.
  • Superior Bond          =    Suitable For Most Substrates.
  • Choice of Colours    =    Neat & Attractive.
  • Mineral Cap Sheet   =    No Chippings Required.

With a versatile Range of High Performance Felts, Futura Roof Ltd offer Torch Applied Flat Roofing constructions to meet the clients requirements. The range is offered in a traditional three layer built up systems using universal venting/perforated layers, glass fibre base sheets intermediate layers followed by final capping layers providing long term felt roof waterproofing solutions.

Our High Performance felt roofing installation come with manufacturer backed warranties of up to 20 years. We provide insurance backing on all domestic contracts, which underwrites the company guarantee for workmanship and/or faulty materials. This gives our clients peace of mind that in the unlikely event that the company ceases trading (as defined within the policy) the insurance cover would take over the guarantee and honour its terms and conditions for the remaining period of the cover.  Insurance backed guarantees are also available on all commercial flat roofing contracts (terms & conditions apply).

Debotec - Deflector

Guarantee: 10 Year - Manufacturer Backed

Description: An intermediate High Performance felt roof system using modified bitumen (SBS) on glass fibre (underlay mat) and polyester re-enforcements (capping sheet). 10 year system guarantee available on this product group (subject to specification)


Debotec - Deflector Plus

Guarantee: 15 Year - Manufacturer Backed

Description: A High Performance felt range using modified bitumens (SBS) on glass fibre (underlay mat) and polyester re-enforcements (capping sheet). 15 year system guarantee available on this product group. (subject to specification.)


Debotec - Laser Gold 

Guarantee: 20 Year - Manufacturer Backed

Description: A specification range with life expectancy of over 20 years. Using high tensile polyester reinforcements with low melt SBS bitumen modifications. 20 year system guarantees available on this product group. (subject to specification.)