FuturA Roof Ltd. Launch Revolutionary GRP Waterproofing System.

Following 20 years of successful leak free performance of the Flexiseal DA 600 system, FuturA Roof Ltd. have launched a revolutionary variant of the system called “Flexiseal UV – Reflex”.

The system is based upon the same principles as the Flexiseal DA 600 system but has the added benefit of a “unique reflective aggregate” to the upper surface giving extra protection against Ultra Violet Light. This vastly increases the lifespan of the product and makes Flexiseal UV-Reflex the most durable GRP system available in the UK. FuturA RooF Ltd. are that confident with the durability of the system they are offering a lifetime guarantee with the product. This covers the watertightness of the GRP while ever you are in ownership of the building.


Happy 20th Birthday FuturA RooF…

FuturA RooF are celebrating their 20th anniversary as a quality service provider. FuturA RooF was established in 1993 by the Director of the company, Mike Williams. The business was incorporated in 2005 to become FuturA RooF Ltd. The company has maintained a steady growth over the years to become one of the areas` leading experts for providing long term solutions for flat roof problems.

FuturA RooF Ltd. Receive The Platinum Award For Commitment To CSCS!

FuturA RooF Ltd. have been awarded the prestigious “Platinum Award” for commitment to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The CSCS Scheme is run by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) who’s mission is to promote and facilitate the training in the skills needed for a world class construction industry. FuturA RooF Ltd. are committed to improving competence in construction and has registered more than 90 % of its workforce under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.