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Looking for a drone Survey in Nottinghamshire? FuturA Roof Ltd are registered with the CAA to carry out commercial Operations with Small Unmanned Aircraft (drones). Our drone surveying service is very thorough, and all our reports are written by competent roofing and construction professionals. When you employ FuturA Roof Ltd to undertake your aerial building survey you are appointing industry professionals with broad knowledge of construction, building technology and all aspects of roofing. Our vast knowledge of the construction industry sets us apart from other aerial surveying companies.


Buying a house is the most expensive investment you are likely to make. Make sure you are making an informed
decision. How can you be sure the roof is in good condition?

Our detailed reports review the condition of the roof and provide impartial advice on the condition. The reports are provided by Construction Trade professionals. Each defect is listed, photographed, and commented on. As standard we comment on the cause of the defect, severity of the issue and provide recommendations if required. We also issue an overall condition summary.

Aerial Drone Photography in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & South Yorkshire. Carried out by professional Civil Aviation Authority registered remote SUA pilots.


If your roof is leaking whether it be a pitched, or flat, constructed of slate, cement fibre, clay concrete, felt or liquid plastic you need to inspect it as soon as possible then put in place a plan to remedy the leaks.

If your roof is leaking try to prevent further water damage by capturing the water in suitably sized containers. If there is electricity cabling or appliances near the leak it may be sensible to appoint an electrician to terminate until the leak is resolved. Water damage can be expensive to repair so if you have the opportunity to temporarily cover the roof this is good although in most instances it will require access assistance such as scaffold. Before erecting scaffold you should know where to erect the scaffold so a drone survey is an ideal, quick and thorough way to inspect the roofs. This will ensure your scaffold is well placed. Errors in the scaffold erection can be costly.


Depending on the complexity and location of the roof costs will vary. If you do not require a report or recommendations we can offer a drone survey from as little as £ 275.00 + vat. The cost includes suitably trained and qualified SUA pilots flying under FuturA Roof Limited`s Permission for Commercial Operations, (PFCO) and a well equipped team with a wealth of knowledge and experience of roof repairs and replacements of varying types and complexities of roof constructions.


Traditionally roofs are inspected by climbing up ladders and advising the Client what works needs to be carried out. Now in the 21st Century with modern technologies such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones more in depth reports can be produced with modern aerial digital photograph technologies. Drones can video closely the whole roof including
all the important detailing such as flashings, mortar condition, upstands, material usage, lime mortars, concrete mortars and the list goes on.

At Futura Roof Ltd we are experienced industry professionals who can use modern SUA technologies to inspect difficult to access areas. The construction imagery is reviewed from the drone inspection and provide a valuable report on the condition of the roof and provide recommendations if required. Futura Roof Ltd carry Specialist insurance for drone surveys, which is a compulsory Industry requirement.