Futura Roof


The GRP materials utilised in the Flexiseal® system are modified for flat roofing making the construction flexible, UV stable and fire retardant. The Flexi Panels are available with AB class 3 or AA class 1 fire ratings as required.

The Flexi Panels are mechanically fixed to the decking substrate and expand and contract with climate change allowing for Thermal and Building movement. The Flexiseal® system is available in lightweight (20 year guarantee) and heavyweight (25 Year Guarantee) grades.

FuturA RooF Ltd has achieved BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Accreditation. This ensures that all systems, products and processes are constantly monitored by the British Standards Institute to achieve an internationally recognised standard of excellence. FuturA RooF are a British Standards Institute registered Company (reg no FM 67355).

FuturA RooF Ltd Management Responsibility Policy Statement

FuturA RooF Ltd was established in 1993 by Mike Williams, following ten years of experience in the flat roofing industry.

The objective of FuturA RooF Ltd is to provide its customers with services to a level of quality that conforms to contract and statutory requirements.

To achieve this objective it is the policy of FuturA RooF Ltd to establish and maintain a quality assurance programme based upon manufacturers recommendations and specifications with all our personnel being highly qualified tradesmen.

The policy statement will be embraced at all times by our staff who share our long term commitment to be recognised as a quality service provider.

FuturA RooF Ltd are a British Standards Institute registered Company, having achieved BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality assurance accreditation, ensuring all systems, products and processes are constantly monitored to maintain standards.

Your Guarantee

FuturA RooF Ltd guarantee that if within a twenty year period after installation of the water proofing membrane proves to be defective we undertake to repair free of charge...