March 2014: FuturA Roof Ltd. Offer Expert Witness Service

There are many grades, thicknesses and strengths of GRP flat roofing systems available on the market but unfortunately not all methods of application and material strengths are meeting the grade. FuturA Roof Ltd are receiving enquiries almost weekly to investigate and repair failed membranes especially where the GRP materials have been applied in-situ to the area.

The majority of our surveys have concluded that the GRP failed due to building movement and quite shockingly the decking boards had moved very little to break the GRP! It is also a sad fact the companies that have installed these products have not honoured their guarantees and the homeowners have been left with defective roofs and leaks and added costs to get them repaired or in some extreme cases, replaced!

Please be aware that you are buying a “Service” and a “Product” when carrying out a roof installation. FuturA RooF Ltd. are now offering an expert witness service to homeowners that have had failed GRP flat roofs and can provide a full written report of the defects, if required.