FuturA Roof Ltd. Launch Revolutionary GRP Waterproofing System.

Following 20 years of successful leak free performance of the Flexiseal DA 600 system, FuturA Roof Ltd. have launched a revolutionary variant of the system called “Flexiseal UV – Reflex”.

The system is based upon the same principles as the Flexiseal DA 600 system but has the added benefit of a “unique reflective aggregate” to the upper surface giving extra protection against Ultra Violet Light. This vastly increases the lifespan of the product and makes Flexiseal UV-Reflex the most durable GRP system available in the UK. FuturA RooF Ltd. are that confident with the durability of the system they are offering a lifetime guarantee with the product. This covers the watertightness of the GRP while ever you are in ownership of the building.